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Winching Course

Training with Industrial Winches & Recovery Winches and ATV Winches.

Winch Training:
This course can be tailored either as a solely industrial Winch Operator training course, or as Winching and Recovery training or for professionals and 4×4 drivers.

For some, the winch is the ultimate off-road accessory, for others it is an essential part of their daily workplace. For everyone there is the potential for serious injury if not used correctly.

Winches are versatile powerful and effective tools. Our training course will show you how to operate a variety of winches in different situations as safely as possible. With experience of industrial winches mounted on vehicles as diverse as ships to 4x4s, as well as professional experience of hand-winches, our trainers probably know more about the mechanics, the safest techniques and industry best practice than most people will ever need, but there are times when this knowledge pays off.

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